Bachelor of Mass Communication & Journalism

This programme is intended to train professional journalists and communicators who have the requisite skills not only in the broad areas of journalism and mass communication but are also ICT savvy and well grounded in issues of economics and development.

Students under this programme will specialize in any of the specialized options;

  • Journalism
  • Strategic Communication and Public Relations
Career Options

It targets those interested in the study of both print and broadcast journalism, business journalism, science journalism, new media, mass communication, public relations, advertising, integrated marketing communication and strategic communication. It also targets practitioners who are interested in improving their knowledge and skills to enhance their professional practice.

Admission Requirements
Programme NameBachelor of Mass Communication and Journalism
Programme Duration3 Years
Admission Criteria

Direct Entry

A candidate shall be deemed eligible for consideration for admission to MCJ degree programme of UTAMU if the candidate has obtained:

  • The Uganda Certificate of Education (O’ level) or an equivalent qualification with at least 5 passess obtained at the same sitting.
  • At least 2 principal passes at the same sitting of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education Examination (A’ Level) or an equivalent qualification.

Diploma Entry

  • To qualify for admission under this scheme, a candidate must possess at least a 2nd class (Lower division) diploma in the fields of journalism, media, communication or any field from a recognized institution.
  • The candidate must be holder of a Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least 5 passes obtained at the same sitting.
  • The candidate must be a holder of Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) with atleast one principal pass and two subsidiary passes at same sitting in Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education ( UACE).

Mature Age Entry Scheme

For admission under the Mature Age Entry Scheme, a candidate must possess specialised knowledge relevant to journalism and mass communication to ensure satisfactory completion of the course.  In addition the candidate must fulfil the Mature Age Entrance requirements of the University.

ModeDual Mode (Online and Physical)
Fee Per SemesterUganda Shillings: 1,100,000
Program Duration

The program will extend over a period of three academic years. An academic year shall consist of two semesters and one recess term. A semester shall consist of 15 weeks of lectures. A recess term shall consist of 10 weeks.

Program Options

Details of the Programme structure are specified below with Contact Hours (CH), Credit Units (CU); where 15CH = 1CU. Contact Hours are in form of Lecture Hours (LH), Tutorial Hours (TH) or Practical Hours (PH). 1CH = 1LH OR 2T/PH.

CodeCourse NameLHPHCHCU
Year 1 Semester 1 (5 Cores)
MJ 100Introduction to Mass Communication & Journalism60-604
MJ 101Journalism & Media  Writing Skills1560453
MJ 102Introduction to Public Relations45-453
EC 100Micro economics I30-453
CS 101Computer Applications & Systems3030453
Semester Load   16
Year 1 Semester 2 (6 Cores)
MJ 103Introduction to Broadcasting45-453
MJ 104East African Media History45-453
MJ 105Introduction to Photo Journalism & Visual Communication6015604
IT 100Internet Technology & Website Design3060604
EC 102Macro Economics I30-453
BA 107Principles of Marketing30-453
Semester Load   20
Year 1 Recess Term
TM 100Community Engagement I 4502255
Recess Term Load   5
Year 2 Semester 1 (6 Cores)
MJ 200News Reporting & Writing1590604
LW 207Communication Law & Policy60-604
MJ 202Media Ethics & Professionalism45-453
MJ 203The Art of Public Speaking3030453
MJ 209Specialised Writing1560453
EC 300Micro economics II30-453
Semester Load   20
Year 2 Semester 2 (5 Cores)
MJ 205Development Communication45-453
MJ 206Newspaper & Magazine Editing & Design6030604
MJ 207Business Journalism I4515453
MJ 201Science Journalism4515453
TM 201Research Methods30-453
(1 Elective)
PA 101Politics & Government in Africa30-453
EC 301Macro economics II30-453
Semester Load   19
TM 200Community Engagement II-4502255
Recess Term Load   5
Year 3 Semester 1
Journalism  Specialisation (5 Cores)
MJ 300Contemporary Issues in Mass Communication &Journalism60-604
MJ 301Public Affairs Reporting3045604
MJ 302Radio Production Techniques1590604
MJ  303Public Relations Programmes1560453
MJ 304Advanced Photojournalism & Visual Communication1560453
(1 Elective )
MJ 307International Relations15-453
EC 305Public Finance & Fiscal Policy30-453
Semester Load   21
Strategic Communication and Public Relations Specialisation (5 Cores)
MJ 300Contemporary Issues in Mass Communication & Journalism60-604
MJ 303Public Relations  Programmes1560453
MJ 304Advanced Photo Journalism & Visual Communication1560453
MJ 305Strategic Communication3045604
MJ 306Public Relations Writing & Production1560604
(1 Elective)
MJ 307International Relations15-453
BA 207Public Finance & Fiscal Policy30-453
Semester Load   21
Year 3 Semester 2
Journalism Specialisation (5 Cores)
MJ 308Multi-Media Production1560604
MJ 309Business Journalism II3030453
MJ 310TV Production Techniques3060604
MJ 311Media Management3030453
TM 301Project-120604
(1 Elective)
MJ 314Media & Democracy30-453
EC 310The Uganda Economy30-453
Semester Load   21
Strategic Communication and Public Relations Specialisation (5 Cores)
MJ 308Multi-Media Production1345604
MJ 311Media  Management1560453
MJ 312Integrated Marketing Communications3030453
MJ 313Public Relations Strategies3030604
TM 301Project-120604
(1 Elective)
MJ 314Media & Democracy30-453
EC 310The Uganda Economy30-453
Semester Load   21
Year 3 Recess Term
TM 300Community Engagement III-4502255
Recess Term Load   5
Fees per semester

Local Students (East African Community)

Fees per semester (UGX)Functional Fees (UGX)Application Fees (UGX)

International Students

International students pay international student tuition fees which is rated in dollars and this specifically covers only the cost of teaching and many student support services. This tuition below is per academic session and includes both the tuition and functional fees.

Category of ProgrammeFees per academic session (USD)Application / Admission Fee
Bachelor’s Degree$700$30
Undergraduate Diploma$500$30
Undergraduate Certificate$250$30
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