Research and Publications

The UTAMU vision, mission and core values demonstrate the importance placed upon research activities within the University. In keeping with excellence in research, UTAMU has a framework of policies for conducting research in the University. The framework and policies are designed to promote ethical research and integrity.

The ongoing research covers the broad fields of the university focus including Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Planning and Management, Human Resource Management and Development, Public Administration, Oil Governance and Management, Financial Management, Public Sector Management, Public Procurement, Public Policy, International Business, Institutional Management and Leadership, Mobile Computing, Computer Networks, Computer Security, Information Systems and Information Technology.

Author (s)TitleYear
Eugene M Swinnerstone, Jude T LubegaUtilization of Agile Project Management Methodologies and the Success of Software Development Projects at Flock of Birds UgandaAugust 2018
Dr. Drake Patrick Mirembe, Dennis Mugambi Kaburu, Julianne Sansa-Otim, Kajumba Mayanja, Tony BulegaA Usability Based Approach to Designing Continuous User Biometric Authentication SystemDecember 2018
T. Muzaale, Prof. Benon C. Basheka & C. J. AuriacombeThe Efficacy of Crisis Communication in the Management of Ebola Fever in the Bundibugyo District, Uganda – 2007/2008March 2018
D. E. Uwizeyimana, Benon C. BashekaThe Multidisciplinary, Interdisciplinary and Trans-disciplinary Nature of Public Administration: A Methodological Challenge?December 2017
Aloysius Byaruhanga, Benon C. BashekaContractor Monitoring and Performance of Road Infrastructure Projects in Uganda: A Management ModelMarch 2017
James Kabuye, Benon C. BashekaInstitutional design and utilisation of evaluation results in Uganda’s public universities: Empirical findings from Kyambogo UniversityJune 2017
G P Coetzee, Department of Auditing Tshwane University of Technology9210 African Journal of Public Affairs, Vol. 8 No. 3September 2015
Vernon Damani Johnson, Western Washington University (USA)African Journal of Governance and Development, Vol. 2 No. 1June 2013
Masuku Ngengelezi W.K. | Ijeoma EocAfrica’s Public Service Delivery and Performance Review, Vol. 3 No. 2June 2015
Africa Institute of South AfricaAfrica Insight, Vol. 43 No. 4March 2014
Terrence Beney, Jabulani Mathe, Stanley Ntakumba, Ray Basson, Victor Naidu and Mike LeslieA reflection on the Partnership between Government and South African Monitoring and Evaluation AssociationOctober 2015
Mark A. AbrahamsA Review of the Growth of Monitoring and Evaluation in South Africa: Monitoring and Evaluation as a Profession, an Industry and a Governance ToolSeptember 2015
Albert Byamugisha and Benon, C. BashekaMeasuring the Performance of the Economic Infrastructure and Competitivenes Cluster in Uganda, Vol. 8 No. 1March 2016
Gilbert Ohairwe, Benon C. Basheka and Charlotte M. ZikusookaDecision making practices in the pharmaceutical sector: Implications for Uganda, Vol. 8 No. 1April 2015
Ian Goldman, Jabulani E. Mathe, Christel Jacob, Antonio Hercules, Matodzi Amisi, Thabani Buthelezi, Hersheela Narsee, Stanley Ntakumba, Mastoera SadanDeveloping South Africa’s National Evaluation Policy and System: First Lessons LearnedJuly 2015
Mike Leslie, Nishendra Moodley, Ian Goldman, Christel Jacob, Donna Podems, Mark Everett, Terence BeneyDeveloping Evaluation Standards and Assessing Evaluation QualityAugust 2015
Gertrude Zziwa, Uganda Technology And Management UniversityDoes the Organizational Structure Affect the Management of Universities in Uganda: An Empirical Analysis, Vol. 6 No. 8October 2014
Albert Byamugisha and Benon C. BashekaGender Dynamics in Public Policy Management in Uganda and South Africa, Vol. 8 No. 3 
Benon C. Basheka and S Vyas-DoorgapersadGender Dynamics in Public Policy Management in Uganda and South Africa, Vol. 8 No. 3September 2015
Nonceba Mashalaba, Alyna Wyatt, Jabu Mathe and Reshni SinghImplementation Evaluation of the Business Process Services Incentive ProgrammeOctober 2015
Christine J Ondoa, Benon C Basheka and Muhenda M BasaasaInstitutional Dynamics and Health Service Delivery in Regional Referral Hospitals in Uganda What Lessons From a Case of Jinja Regional Hospital, Vol. 2 No. 1June 2013
Special Issue: Governance and LeadershipJournal of Public Administration, Vol. 47 No. 1December 2013
Colin LatchemOpen and Distance Learning - Quality Assurance in Commonwealth Universities2016
Marie-Louise Samuels, Stephen Taylor, Debra Shepherd, Servaas van der Berg, Christel Jacob, Carol N. Deliwe, Thabo MabogoaneReflecting on an Impact Evaluation of the Grade R Programme: Method, Results and Policy ResponsesAugust 2015
Volume 50 Number 3Journal of Public Administration, Vol. 50 No. 3September 2015
Ian Goldman, Babette Rabie, Mark AbrahamsSpecial Edition of African Evaluation Journal on the National Evaluation System2015
Margot Davids, Marie-Louise Samuels, Roseline September, Tshimi L. Moeng, Linda Richter, Thabo W. Mabogoane, Ian Goldman, Thabani ButheleziThe Pilot Evaluation for the National Evaluation System in South Africa – A Diagnostic Review of Early Childhood DevelopmentOctober 2015
Albert Byamugisha and Benon, C. BashekaThe State of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) as a Discipline in Africa From Infancy to AdulthoodSeptember 2015
Gemma Paine Cronin, Mastoera SadanUse of Evidence in Policy Making in South Africa: An Exploratory Study of Attitudes of Senior Government OfficialsSeptember 2015
Volume 49 Number 2.1 East Africa Special EditionJournal of Public Administration, Vol. 49 No. 2.1June 2014
Benon C Basheka, Kedibone PhagoWhat Constrains Effective Public Financial Management in African Democracies? A Preliminary Analysis, Vol. 43 No. 4March 2014
Herbert NabaasaArtisanal and Small-scale Gold Mining and Food Security - An Ecological PerspectiveDecember 2016
Prof Benon C. Basheka and Prof Jude LubegaBlended-learning Approaches and the Teaching of Monitoring and Evaluation Programmes in African Universities - Unmasking the UTAMU ApproachDecember 2016
Prof Benon C. Basheka, James OjokMeasuring the Effective Role of Public Sector Monitoring and Evaluation in Promoting Good Governance in Uganda: Implications from the Ministry of Local GovernmentDecember 2016
R M Mthethwa, N.N. JiliChallenges in Implementing Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)December 2016
Fanie CloeteDeveloping an Africa-rooted Programme Evaluation ApproachDecember 2016
Dr. D. C. Ukwandu, Dr Vain JarbandhanExploring the Relationship Between Good Governance and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa - Lessons from South AmericaDecember 2016
Alex Osei-KojoFirst Count the Cost - Privatising Urban Waste Management Services in Sub-Saharan AfricaDecember 2016
Herbert Arinaitwe, Elizabeth Margret AsiimweInfluence of Sector Wide Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) on the Performance of Justice, Law and Order in UgandaDecember 2016
Dominique E. UwizeyimanaLeadership and the Impact of the Emerging Concept of Firm-hand Leadership on Economic Growth and Democracy in AfricaDecember 2016
Faustin SerubanzaThe Interface Between the Role and Significance of the Rwanda Association of Local Government Authorities (RALGA) and Rwanda’s Decentralisation MandateDecember 2016
Dr. D. C. UkwanduThe Relationship Between Indirect Rule and Quranic EducationDecember 2016
Gerrit van der WaldtTowards an E-Governance Competency Framework for Public Service ManagersDecember 2016
Prof. C. J. AuriacombeTowards the Construction of Unobtrusive Research TechniquesDecember 2016
Book of Abstracts
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PhD Proposals
Author/NamesYearTitleNatureField of Specialization
Geoffrey Ogwang2017Effect of Oil Price Shocks on Ugandan EconomyProposalDoctor of Philosophy in Economics
Margaret Namubiru2017Effect of Market Accessibility on Households’ Food Security in Acholi Sub Region, UgandaProposalPhd IN ECONOMICS
Benard Mukiibi2017Human Resource Management Practices and Perfomance of Small Scale Enterprises in UgandaProposalDoctor Of Philosophy Degree In Business Administration
Fred Kaggwa2017Design of Multiple Enrollment Based Fingerprint Recognition SystemsProposalDoctor of Philosophy
James Musinguzi2016Evaluating the Efficacy of Institutional Systems in the Management of Wild Life Trade in UgandaProposalDoctor of Philosophy (Management)
Nickson Nagaaba2016Lean, Agile and Leagile Manufacturing as Antecedents to Plant Performance of Manufacturing Firms in Developing Countries: Empirical Evidence From UgandaProposalDoctor of Philosophy in Business Administration
Stephen Joseph Minja2016Developing a Life Cycle Costing Analytical Framework For the Building and Construction Industry in TanzaniaProposalDoctor of Philosophy
Wilfred Kokas Aupal2016Change Management Practices and Performance of Selected Local Governments in Eastern UgandaProposalDoctor of Philosophy in Management
Lubega Yiga Baleke Joseph2016Factors That Affect Trade Credit Among Manufacturing Firms in UgandaProposalDoctor Of Philosophy In Business Administration
Aloysius Byaruhanga2016Contractor Selection, Monitoring and Performance of Road Infrastructure Projects in UgandaProposalDoctor of Philosophy in Business Administration
Herbert Nabaasa2016The Implications of Artisanal Gold Mining Practices on Livelihood Security in UgandaProposalDoctor of Philosophy in Management
Serwanja Ronald2015International Financial Reporting Standards and Performance of Selected Small and Medium Enterprises in Developing Countries; A Case of UgandaProposalDoctoral Degree in Business Administration
Mark Kiiza2015Governance Systems and Sustainability of Rural Deep Underground Water Sources of Lwengo District in UgandaProposalDoctor Of Philosophy Development Studies
Shiba Asiimwe Beziibwe2015The Relationship Between Workforce Diversity and Perfomance of Selected Public Sector Organisations in UgandaProposalDoctor Of Philosophy In Management
Peter Abesiga2015Strategic Management Practices and the Performance of Small and Medium Agribusiness Enterprises (SMAEs) in Western UgandaProposalDoctor of Philosophy
Lukyamuzi Andrew2015A Dynamic Model For Prediction of Food InsecurityProposalDoctor of Philosophy in Computing
Ssentamu Julius2015Corporate Governance, Management Competence and Financial Performance of Selected Money Transfer Companies in UgandaProposalDoctor Of Philosophy In Business Administration
Frank Asiimwe2015Corporate Governance Practices and Performance of Kampala Capital City Authority (Uganda) and City of Kigali (Rwanda)ProposalDoctor Of Philosophy Degree In Public Administration
Ernest Katwesigye2015Corporate Governance Practices of Selected Faith Based Organisations in UgandaProposalDoctor Of Philosophy In Management
Aketch Anyango Everline2015Organizational Culture, Leadership Styles and Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Uganda: “A Case Study of Jinja District”ProposalDoctor Of Philosophy In Business Administration
Shiba Asiimwe Beziibwe2015The Relationship Between Workforce Diversity and Performance of Selected Public Sector Organizations in UgandaProposalDoctor Of Philosophy In Management
Benjamin Byarugaba2014Using Kirznerian Perspective of Entrepreneurial Opportunities to Predict Emergence of New Ventures in UgandaProposalDoctor Of Philosophy In Business Administration
Kigenyi Erisa Mazaki2014Welfare and Performance of Public Primary School Teachers in Bugisu Sub Region in UgandaProposalDoctorOf Philosophy In Management
Pamela Kampire2014Gender Relations and Child Nutrition: A Study of Intra-Household Bargaining in Rural UgandaProposalDoctor OfPhilosophy In Development Studies
Gilbert Ohairwe2014Information Management and Effective Decision Making in the Regulation, Management and Administration of Uganda’s Pharmaceutical SectorProposalDoctor Of Philosophy In Public Administration
William Amone2014Agricultural Productivity and Economic Development in Uganda: An Inclusive Growth AnalysisProposalDoctor of Philosophy in Economics
Magolo John Faith2014Appropriateness of Early Warning Systems in the Management of Climate Change Impacts in Mt. Elgon Region in Eastern UgandaProposalDoctor Of Philosophy In Development Studies
Paul Kyalimpa2014Leadership Competencies and Sustainable Funding of Non-Governmental Organisations in UgandaProposalDoctor of Philosophy in Development Studies
George Lukwago2014Developing a Construct Validity For Motivation of Employees in the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) – UgandaProposalDoctor Of Philosophy Degree In Management
Apophia Atukunda2014Exploring the Potential of Corporate Social Responsibility as a Tool For Improving Environmental Management Practices in Manufacturing Industries in UgandaProposalThe Doctor Of Philosophy In Management
PhD Thesis
Author/NamesYearTitleNatureField of specialization
Fred Kaggwa2013Design of Multiple Enrollment Based Fingerprint Recognition SystemsThesisPhD (Computing)
Kigenyi Erisa Mazaki2013Staff Welfare and Teachers’ Performance in Public Primary Schools in Bugisu Sub-Region in UgandaThesisPhD (Management)
Medard Twinamatsiko2013Linking Conservation to the Implementation of Revenue Sharing Policy and Livelihood Improvement of People Bordering Bwindi Impenetrable National ParkThesisPhD (Development Studies)
Kyatuha Ovia Mwisaka2014Bureaucracy and Decision Making in Public and Private Universities in UgandaProposalDoctor Of Philosophy In Public Administration
Masters Proposals & Dissertations