School of Education

Prof. JWF Muwanga-Zake, PhD

Dean, Graduate School & School of Education

The School of Education at UTAMU offers a variety of professional short courses and Executive training relevant to your career development requirements. The school also offers high quality UBTEB Diploma and Certificate programmes with an aim of creating a highly skilled workforce through practical and technical training. Graduates of the UBTEB diploma programmes will be admitted directly to second year of related undergraduate degree programmes.


To become a global center of excellence in professional, technical, vocational and executive training in pursuit of the overall corporate vision of UTAMU.


Training professionals and empowering the youth with practical and life skills, with emphasis on research, community engagement, creativity, innovativeness and digital literacy, while ensuring high moral standards required for transforming communities nationally and globally.

PhD ProgrammesDurationTuition/Semester (UGX)
PhD in Educational Administration3 Years3,000,000
Graduate ProgrammesDurationTuition/Semester (UGX)
Masters in Education2 Years (4 Semesters)1,400,000
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (With Technology)1 Year (2 Semesters)1,150,000
Bachelors ProgrammesDurationTuition/Semester (UGX)
Bachelor of Education – Secondary3 years (6 Semesters) EXTERNAL850,000
Bachelor of Education – Secondary2 years (4 Semesters) FULLTIME850,000
Bachelor of Arts with Education3 years (6 Semesters)850,000
Bachelor of Science in Education3 years (6 Semesters)850,000
Certificate ProgrammesDurationTuition/Semester (UGX)
Higher Education Certificate (HEC)1 Year (2 Semesters)600,000


To become a center of excellence in academic and professional teacher training and development.


Training professional teachers and equipping them with modern and innovative methods of teaching & learning, research and community transformation while ensuring high moral standards.


  • To Broaden access to and meeting the increasing demand for competent teachers and facilitators with digital skills
  • To train individuals who are conversant with eLearning and seek to uphold the teaching profession, its values and integrity of Teaching and assessment of learning achievements
  • To conduct basic and applied research in education, learning, Technology and evaluation.
  • To participate in community engagement for sustainable development with special emphasis on responsiveness and sensitivity to community needs and positive transformation.
  • To empower University staff to facilitate high quality learning using blended learning and to transfer knowledge to communities.
Technical & Vocational Education


To be one of the leading centers in the region building talents for organizations and empowering the youth with practical and life skills.


Conducting state-of-the-art executive training and equipping the youth with practical and life skills, focusing on community transformation through innovation, digital literacy while upholding moral values.

Prof. JWF Muwanga-Zake. PhDBSc, Bed, MSc, Med, PhD, PGCE, PGDE
Mersian TulyahebwaMBA in Corporate Strategy and Economic Policy, BA. Ed, Diploma in Secondary Education – Business.
Muzzah ZedekiahMIT, BIT