Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be the supreme organ of Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU).

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The responsibilities shall include:

  1. Provide strategic direction; 

  2. Identify and monitor key risk and key performance areas; 

  3. Identify and monitor non-financial aspects; 

  4. Record facts and assumptions which lead it to conclude that the 
business will be a going concern in the next financial year and 
if not state what steps it is taking; 

  5. Determine a balance between governance constraints and entrepreneurial performance; 

  6. Review major plans of action; 

  7. Review and guide annual budget and business plans of the University; 

  8. Oversee major capital expenditures, acquisitions and divestiture;
  9. Ensure the integrity of the University's accounting and financial reporting systems; and
  10. Explain the effect of all proposed resolutions to be passed at shareholders’ meetings.
Duties and Powers of the Board of Directors
  1. To be responsible for overall oversight of the objects and functions of the University;
  2. To mobilise financial resources for the University;
  3. To promote the image of the university;
  4. To provide for the safe custody of the University Seal;
  5. To present the annual report and other reports of the board of directors to the general meeting;
  6. To perform any other duties assigned by the general meeting and undertake any other duty/role and take all necessary decisions in good faith and conductive to the fulfillment of the objects and functions of the University.
Powers of the Board of Directors
  1. To elect 80% of the members of the University Council from the Public who are both non-students and non-employees of UTAMU from different disciplines including (i) business and management; (ii) natural and applied sciences; (iii) technology, computing and engineering; (iv) and law, social sciences and humanities, and neither a member of the Board of Directors of UTAMU Ltd nor a shareholder of UTAMU Ltd shall be a member of the University Council;
  2. To appoint the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the University Council;
  3. To issue appointment instruments to the Chairpersons of Council Committees and members of the University Council;
  4. To approve the UTAMU Charter and UTAMU Statutes and present them to the shareholders for adoption;
  5. To approve the University budget proposals and the final accounts submitted by the University Council;
  6. To approve the scales of fees and boarding charges;
  7. To approve the establishment of schools, directorates and departments;
  8. To represent UTAMU in all legal suits by and against UTAMU;
  9. To appoint the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor and the Deputy Vice Chancellor (s) of UTAMU;
  10. To appoint by powers of attorney any company, firm or person or body of persons, whether nominated directly or indirectly by the directors, to be the attorney or attorneys of UTAMU for such purposes and with such powers, authorises and discretions not exceeding those vested in or exercisable by the directors; and
  11. To exercise any other powers as assigned by the general meeting in good faith and conductive to the fulfillment of the objects and functions of the University.