Institute of Public Health & Health Sciences

Prof. Dr. Alexzander A. A. Asea, PhD, MBA

Director Institute of Public Health & Health Sciences

The institute of Public Health and Health Sciences  (IPHHS) at UTAMU is  purely research institute that stimulates, inspires and educates.

At IPHHS, we aim to accelerate research and innovation at the interface of public health and medicine with measurable improvements for patients and populations. This is achieved by playing an instrumental role in connecting high impact collaborators. The research priority areas include Public Health, Infectious Diseases, Nursing, Noncommunicable Diseases,  Neuroscience and Mental Health.

IPHHS focus is to improve and protect community health and well-being of all citizens. We identify the causes of disease and injury, and we implement large-scale sustainable solutions.

In future, IPHHS plans to offer research intensive multipurpose degrees that will provide the foundational skills necessary to pursue a wide range of interests in some of today’s fastest-growing health care careers.  In this regard, we shall train future public health professionals that shall provide leadership in any crisis. The education programmes shall offer a broad foundation of educational experiences provided by practitioners and industry-based professionals.  Our planned degree programs will provide opportunities for research intensive field-based education through our synergies with local community partners.  The high value we place on the integration of research, service and education will be reflected in our evidence-based curriculum in the classrooms or online modules, in the clinics, and in the student field experiences.