University Policies

The Uganda Technology and Management University has policies and guidelines on a wide range of matters, encompassing everything from academic procedures to achieving the best value for money in all university projects.

File NameSize
UTAMU Library Policy179.53 KB
UTAMU Academic Staff Appointments Policy275.4 KB
UTAMU Administrative Staff Apointments and Promotions Policy286.22 KB
UTAMU Administrative Staff Appointments Policy286.07 KB
UTAMU Appointments and Promotions Policy for Academic Staff269.38 KB
UTAMU Disability Policy184.26 KB
UTAMU E-Learning Policy628.05 KB
UTAMU E-Library Policy 2022147.77 KB
UTAMU Financial Policy Manual366.12 KB
UTAMU Gender Policy143.48 KB
UTAMU Governance and Management Manual552.08 KB
UTAMU ICT Policy336.77 KB
UTAMU Management Appointments Policy330.94 KB
UTAMU ODEL Policy 2022249.34 KB
UTAMU Policy on Special Needs451.88 KB
UTAMU Procurement and Disposal of Assets Policy 2017638.66 KB
UTAMU Quality Assurance Policy144.37 KB
UTAMU Risk Management Framework395.11 KB
UTAMU Research Policy283.14 KB
UTAMU Staff Human Resource Management Manual18.45 MB
UTAMU Technical Staff Appointments Policy281 KB
UTAMU Transfer of Credit Units Policy449.02 KB
UTAMU Travel Policy375.49 KB