Prof. Victor Mbulaheni Mmbengwa

Prof. Victor Mbulaheni Mmbengwa

Adjunct Professor

Professor Victor Mbulaheni Mmbengwa is an executive director of Dihwai Food Cultural and Agricultural services trading in as DFAS Centre Pty Ltd. This institution was founded in 2002. He is also a treasurer of Association of China-Africa Smallholder Agriculture (ACASA)-the organisation that assist smallholder farmers in Africa to trade with Chinese provincial government, investors and entreprenuers.

Professor Victor graduated his PhD (Agricultural Economics) in the University of the Free State (UFS) with two master’s degree i.e. Animal Science and Development studies in same university. He did his post-doctoral fellowship at Northwest University under trade directorate. Professor VM Mmbengwa is currently a research fellow at the UFS, Extraordinaire Professor at Northwest University (NWU), Research associate at Binary Entrepreneurship University based in Malaysia and an adjunct Professor at the Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU). His research interests are focused on issues of agribusiness, food security systems, rural development, agri-prenuership, climate smart agriculture and business leadership. He is an expert in econometrics, goat milk production, poultry science, sweat potatoes, communal farming system, smallholder farming system, indigenous vegetables, and medicinal plants.  Has served in several institutions such as Agricultural Research Council (ARC), National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC), University of South Africa (UNISA), Stellenbosch University (US), Nelson Mandela University (NMU), Limpopo University (UL), Ministry of water affairs, Department of Agriculture Rural Development, and land Reform (DALRRD) and has also been involved in the presidential initiated programs such as Operation Phakhisa, SIP 11, Blended finance and Job fund etc.  He has written more than 50 research reports and has published more 100 scientific papers. He has been an external examiner of more than 5 universities for masters and PhD programs. He has successfully supervised 8 PhD and 12 masters students.

Professor VM Mmbebgwa has been awarded several awards of excellence in field of agri-business. He has been nominated in several university councils. Lastly, Professor Victor Mmbengwa is a full-time mixed farmer who manage egg laying enterprise and hydroponics farming.

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