Bachelor of Business Computing

Computers have become very important tools in businesses. The computers are used to speed up processes, keep good track of data, manage business processes as well as planning for the growth of the businesses. Computer systems are now in the center of many successful businesses and other factors supplement them. To manage businesses well, there is a critical need for careful alignment of the correct computer systems as well as their good management and utilization. There are many programs currently that train ICT professionals as well as those that train Business professionals. However, less is done in getting professionals with skills to align the Computing skills in the business needs.  As such, it is highly possible to get ICT professionals with less business skills and vice versa which leads to optimal utilization of human resources by the businesses.

This program therefore seeks to address the existing skewed balance of ICT/Business skills among professionals so as to create professionals with all round knowledge in business operations in a computerized business environment.  The professionals are to enhance business efficiency and effectiveness hence competitiveness.

Career Options

The objectives of the program are:

  • To produce graduates with competencies in the core aspects of businesses (like marketing/sales, management and administration, accounting)
  • To equip students with skills on how to incorporate ICTs in core aspects of businesses so as to optimize the business processes
  • To equip students with skills to study and analyze business needs with a view of coming up with the correct specifications of the systems that will address the business needs
  • To equip students with knowledge of how ICT is revolutionizing businesses currently and how businesses are evolving to tap into the new opportunities
  • To equip students with skills of using ICT tools to model and analyse business processes so as to enhance business competitiveness

Career paths of Graduates

Graduates from the program can take on careers as

  • Information Officers
  • IT Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • IT Architects
  • Information Systems Consultants
  • Business Process Analysts
Admission Requirements
Programme NameBachelor of Science in Mobile Computing and Communications
Programme Duration3 Years
Admission CriteriaDirect Entry
  1. At least two principal passes at same sitting in UACE or its equivalent
  2. At least 5 passes in UCE or its equivalent


  1. At least a second class (lower division) Diploma from any recognized Institution;
  2. At least one principal and two subsidiary passes at the same sitting in UACE or its equivalent
  3. At least 5 passes in UCE or its equivalent

Diploma - CCNA

  1. CCNA from a recognized institution.
  2. At least one principal and two subsidiary passes at same sitting in UACE or its equivalent

At least 5 passes in UCE or its equivalent

Mature age

Mature age Certificate

ModeDual Mode (Online and Physical)
Fee Per SemesterUganda Shillings 1,200,000
Program Duration

The program will extend over a period of three academic years. An academic year shall consist of two semesters and one recess term. A semester shall consist of 15 weeks of lectures. A recess term shall consist of 10 weeks.

Program Options

Year 1 Semester 1 (6 Cores)

CS 100Computer Applications and Systems3030--453
BA 110Fundamentals of Accounting I30--30453
BA 102Business Administration30--30453
BA 104Business Communication30--30453
IS 100ICT in Organizations30--30453
EC 103Business Economics30--30453
 Semester Load    18

Year 1 Semester 2 (5 Cores)

IT 100Internet Technologies and Web Design3060 604
CS 100Structured Programming303030604
BA 207Business Law45--30604
AF 200Fundamentals of Accounting II303030604
BA 107Principles of Marketing30--30453
 Semester Load    19

Year 1 Recess Term

TM 100Community Engagement I--300--755
 Recess Term Load    5

Year 2 Semester 1 (6 Cores)

IS 202System Analysis and Design30--30453
BA 212Computerized Accounting1530--302
CS 211Event Driven programming3030--453
BA 101Principles of Management30--30453
BA 108Entrepreneurship Theory and Principles30--30453
TM 201Research Methods30--30453
 Semester Load    17

Year 2 Semester 2 (5 Cores)

IS 302Business Process Modeling4530-604
BA 205Business Statistics45453
IS 300Database Management Systems451515604
BA 201Business Quantitative Methods4530604
IT 208Performance and Reward management3030453
 Semester Load    18

Year 2 Recess Term

TM 200Community Engagement II--300--755
 Semester Load    5

Year 3 Semester 1

 Cores (3)     
IS 308Business Process Engineering & Analysis3030453
IS 201Management Information Systems30-30453
BA 200Project Planning & Management3030-453
 Electives (Choose 2)     
BA 204Financial Management45--30604
BA 106Principles of Human Resources Management30-30453
BA 301Strategic Management30-30453
 Semester Load    15/16

Year 3 Semester 2 (3 Cores)

IT 302Decision Support Systems4530604
IS 303Enterprise Architecture45-30604
TM 301Project-120-604
Electives (Choose 1)
IT 200Information Security3030453
IT 203Human Computer Interaction3030453
 Semester load    15

Year 3 Recess Term

TM 300Community Engagement III--300--755
 Semester Load    5
Fees per semester

Local Students (East African Community)

Fees per semester (UGX)Functional Fees (UGX)Application Fees (UGX)

International Students

International students pay international student tuition fees which is rated in dollars and this specifically covers only the cost of teaching and many student support services. This tuition below is per academic session and includes both the tuition and functional fees.

Category of ProgrammeFees per academic session (USD)Application / Admission Fee
Bachelor’s Degree$700$30
Undergraduate Diploma$500$30
Undergraduate Certificate$250$30
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