Diploma in Project Planning and Management

This programme is designed to offer learners specialized knowledge on planning, designing, implementing monitoring and evaluating projects. The programme deals with all aspects of a project from its inception to the closure and enables learners to carry engage in successful planning, development and delivery of projects in today’s modern economic, social and business environment.

Career Options

Students will explore how to efficiently use resources such as time and labor to deliver quality projects on time in projects being undertaken in construction, telecommunications and information communication technology (ICT).

Admission Requirements

Direct Entry

The candidate must have at least one principal pass and two subsidiary passes attained at the same sitting of Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) – or its equivalent. The Candidate must as well have at least 5 passes in the same sitting of Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) or its equivalent.

Certificate Entry Scheme

The candidate must have at least three passes obtained at the same sitting of Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) or its equivalent or a Certificate in any course from an institution recognized by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) – or an equivalent accreditation body.

Program Duration

The program will extend over a period of two academic years. An academic year shall consist of two semesters and one recess term. A semester shall consist of 15 weeks of lectures. A recess term shall consist of 10 weeks.

Program Options

The following Curriculum Matrix/ Structure summarize the layout of the courses which will be offered to all students doing a Diploma in Project Planning and Management of Uganda Technology and Management University:

Year 1 Semester 1 (6 Cores)
HPP 1100Introduction to Project Management30-30453
BBA 1104Principles of Management30-30453
BBA 1105Fundamentals of Business Accounting30--30453
BHR 1102Principles of Human Resources Management30-30453
CSC 1101Computer Applications & Systems3030-453
HPM 1100Supply Chain Management30-30453
Semester Load    18
Year 1 Semester 2 (6 Cores)
HPP 1203Planning & Managing Development30-30453
HPP 1202Communication in Project Management30-30453
HPP 1200Project Management Implementation30-30453
RMS 2201Research Methods301515453
BBA 1204Principles of Marketing30-30453
HPP 3200Project Resource Mobilization and Management451530604
Semester Load    19
Year 1 Recess Term
COE 100Community Engagement I-150-755
Recess Term Load    5
Year 2 Semester 1 (6 Cores)
HPA 2102NGO Management & Administration30-45604
HPA 2103Public Infrastructure Planning & Management30 30453
HMJ 2104Reading and Critical Writing30-30453
BBA 3101Strategic Management30-30453
BBA 1102Introduction to Financial Management45-30604
HME 2103Project Monitoring and Evaluation30-30453
 Semester Load    20
Year 2 semester 2 (5 Cores)
HPA 3201Gender and Development30-30453
BBA 3200Organizational Change & Development45-30604
HPA 2207Rural Development Administration45-30453
BBA 2201Entrepreneurship Development30-45604
DPR 2201Diploma Project30-45604
 Semester Load (the load seems less)    18
Graduation Load = 80
Fees per semester

Local Students (East African Community)

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