Prof. Oliver Mtapuri

Prof. Oliver Mtapuri

Adjunct Professor

Professor Oliver Mtapuri is a Professor in Development Studies in the School of Built Environment and Development. He has a PhD in Development Studies (UKZN) and an MBA degree from the University of Zimbabwe.

He is an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Zimbabwe. Oliver’s areas of research interest include poverty, redistribution and inequality, community-based tourism, public employment programmes, research methodologies, financial management, climate change and project management.

Thobela N.Q. & Mtapuri O.Attitudes and perceptions of teachers towards the implementation of Integrated Quality Management System: Lessons from the Mgwenya Circuit in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa.
Modisha N.J. & Mtapuri O.A crisis of expectation versus legislative mandate: The Case of Molemole and Blouberg Municipalities in the Limpopo Province.
Mtapuri O.Politics and Poverty: Counting the costs.
Mtapuri O. & Giampiccoli A.Interrogating the role of the state and non-state actors in community-based tourism ventures: toward a model for spreading the benefits to the wider community.
Mtapuri O. & Mazengwa P.J.Of Spirituality and Poverty: A Zimbabwean Perspective.
Sibanda M.E. & Mtapuri O.North-South Relations: Exploring the role of Italian NGOs in post-apartheid South Africa.
Malatji I. & Mtapuri O.Poverty alleviation: Do Community Based Tourism Enterprises make a difference.
Mtapuri O.An asset-by-asset poverty index.
Giampiccoli A. & Mtapuri O.Community-based tourism: an exploration of the concept(s) from a political perspective.
Mtapuri O.A Review of Social Protection Programmes: Lessons from Zimbabwe.
Mankoe M. & Mtapuri O.Impact of Urban Agriculture on Poverty in Soweto, South Africa.
Mtapuri O.Poverty Diagnostic Model.
Mtapuri O. & Giampiccoli A.A reformulation of the 3 Ss model for community-based tourism: Towards an alternative model.
Sebashe S.S. & Mtapuri O.Implementation of a Performance Management System: a case study of Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality in Limpopo.
Mtapuri O.Revisiting the Income Threshold.
Mtapuri O.Developing an Asset Threshold Using the Consensual Approach: Results from Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe.
Mtapuri O.Exploring local conceptions of poverty, wealth and well – being: Field evidence from Mashonaland West Province of Zimbabwe.
Mtapuri O.Social Dialogue Discord: The Views of Key Informants in the Case of Zimbabwe.
Mtapuri O.Social Dialogue: An Endless Tug of War – The Case of Zimbabwe.
Mtapuri O.The Missing Link : Asset-Based Measures of Poverty Towards Asset-Income Threshold and Networth Threshold.

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