UTAMU Guild President H. E. Patrick Kayizzi Participates at the National Students Council Meeting Held at Uganda Christian University, Mukono

On the 2nd July, 2022 the National Students Council (the “Council”) held a meeting to discuss pertinent issues affecting the student body in the nation and the Ugandans studying in the diaspora.  The Council operates under the umbrella of the Uganda National Students Association (the “UNSA”) whose mandate is to mobilize students, by virtue of the position students occupy as the vanguard of the youth and for their endowments of enlightenment, energy and selflessness.

The Council addressed issues of; the rampant strikes and school fires that have resulted into loss of student lives, loss of property in millions of shillings and loss of study periods with students being sent home. Other issues of concern were related to financial management and accountability, relation building and strengthening within the activities of the Association.

The Council agreed to improve stakeholder relations across all inter-related institutions including; head teachers, principals, the Ministry of Education, State House and the Media houses to jointly uphold student rights in the various capacities in the course of their studies from secondary to higher institutions of learning. All stakeholders were encouraged to promote the activities of UNSA across the nation and work towards ensuring that the membership increases to strengthen the unified voice of student representation. Through the UNSA, the students are optimistic about the future of education in Uganda.

The UNSA is supported by the Uganda Parliamentary Education Act 2008 Part VI Section 30 and spearheads the fulfilment of the objectives of the association including; to participate and seek for the preservation of Fundamental Human Rights as stipulated in the constitution of the Republic of Uganda 1995; to guide and support all the students of Uganda in promoting their academic pursuits and the achievement of successful careers.  More information concerning the activities of UNSA can be found in the link: https://vymaps.com/UG/Uganda-National-Student-s-Association-UNSA-333192940210850/

UTAMU appreciates the tireless efforts of the leadership of the student body under the Guild President H. E. Patrick Kayizzi for the continuous support rendered towards realizing a supportive study environment for the students not only in UTAMU but for all in the nation.