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UTAMU being a specialist university in technology and management sciences recognizes that research is key to progress and with every advancement invites new ideas, interests and the need to embrace diversity. Diversity is a way of life today and to diversify is to tap into new opportunities especially if those opportunities are for the greater good. There is no greater good than to secure the health of the patients and the populations.

The advancement of technology and a guarantee of public health are central to human existence today. The two aspects are of equal significance because to progress in technology requires humanity and likewise the safety and longevity of humanity today requires technological improvement and advancements. To achieve a balance of both, research is essential and that’s why at UTAMU, the Institute of Public Health and Health Sciences (IPHHS) has been established. The IPHHS is a purely research driven institute purposed to stimulate, inspire and educate students, practitioners and professionals in the health sector to provide services with improvement to medicines and health to the patients and populations.

The IPHHS will focus its research on; improving the quality of life through detecting and preventing disease, increasing longevity of life, promoting good health, identifying the causes of dangers to public health of the population, promoting health behavior, tracking cases and health. However to achieve significant milestones, collaborative efforts among professional health and research practitioners is essential. Partnerships for the goal is key to realizing success especially nationally and regionally as UTAMU collaborates towards sustainable development in the health sector. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17 states “Partnerships for the Goal” to be able to reinforce SDG 3 among which includes “to support research, development and universal access to affordable vaccines and medicines. Good health is essential to sustainable development and the Agenda 2030 to which UTAMU is committed to contribute to and thus having the Institute of Public Health and Health Sciences at the university with a current call inviting suitable professionals to apply for various positons as detailed in https://bit.ly/3N2knJH

Prof. Dr. Alexzander A. A. Asea is the Director of the Institute of Public Health and Health Sciences. He holds a Ph.D in Medical Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden where his studies have helped form the basis clinical trials of combined immunotherapy with histamine and interleukin-2 in metastatic melanoma and high-risk acute myelogenous leukemia (AML). He is a highly qualified and practicing professional with intensive research skills as profiled https://utamu.ac.ug/staff/aasea

The Professor is committed to intensifying research activities at UTAMU that will improve on the performance of the health sector in Uganda and commits to UTAMU becoming a Research – Intensive University by 2027. 

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