The Chancellor, Minister of Education and Sports/the Representatives, Diplomats, Chairman Board of Directors, members of Council and Senate, Vice Chancellor, Keynote Speaker, Special guests invited, staff, parents, graduands, ladies and gentlemen celebrating with us today physically and virtually, it is my greatest pleasure and honour to welcome you to this historic 6th Graduation Ceremony of Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU).

To the chancellor Dr. Patrick Bitature…. we are gleeful that you have joined the UTAMU family because your knowledge, skills and practical managerial experience will further magnify and heighten UTAMU mission and vision. Thank you!

It is with earnest joy that I congratulate the graduands of the 6th cohort upon successfully completing their studies in their respective disciplines. You have finally made it and once again congratulations upon not giving up and fighting on amidst a very challenging COVID-19 period.

In this period, we did lose colleagues, fellow students and citizens both national and global to COVID-19. May the souls of the departed rest in eternal peace.

I would like to acknowledge and appreciate all the members of the governing bodies for the commitment and dedication in making sure that we stay true to realizing the UTAMU vision of being a global education institution in Technology management, science, innovation and research whose efforts are being witnessed today as we usher our students to be ambassadors of UTAMU.

The 6th UTAMU graduation is a momentous occasion that has exhibited the strength to which we are able to exist sustainably amidst tough times. It was only 6 months after the 3rd UTAMU governing council had been in office when the covid-19 pandemic hit Uganda leading to the national lockdown. I and my team embraced leadership at an extremely challenging time but together we have managed to revamp and stabilize the University making today possible.

The university council has put in place a very rich blend of highly qualified, experienced and motivated staff in both academia and administration, completed the purchase of the University land in Matugga, Nansana municipality, Wakiso district, secured accreditation of the UTAMU oDel system by the National Council for Higher Education among many more improved and strengthened systems.

We continue to promote and encourage research and innovation which are essential in this 21st century and have favoured UTAMU’s position in the higher education  market in Uganda, the East African region and globally.

I thus want to affirm to the public that the students graduating today have be adequately trained and prepared to embrace what the world has in store for them and in reciprocity, the world will equality embrace them because they have acquired sufficient knowledge and training to arouse fair competitiveness, survival skills amidst tough times and the ability to thrive in the world market. Go out and make UTAMU proud!

To my colleagues in the university council, I express my gratitude for your tireless effort in offering advice and guidance to the different organs, the Board of Directors for providing oversight and strategic direction, to the university management team for continuing to steer UTAMU in the right direction and to our students for entrusting UTAMU with directing their future.

The university council pledges to continue playing their role of providing stewardship and guidance to the university management as per our mandate.



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