Guidelines for Re-Opening For Finalists Effective 15th October 2020


  • Open Distance and eLearning (ODeL): UTAMU has had one of the best ODeL system long before the Covid-19 lockdown and did not close online learning.
  • Personal Laptops; Smart Phones; Tablets; Etc: Students are advised to acquire personal laptops, smart phones, Tablets etc, in order to access study materials and will be expected to comply with the online Teaching Time Tables.
  • Financial clearance: Check the Finance Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and settle your fees balance, as final examinations are due early December
  • For Further Clarification About Finalists: Contact the Academic Registrar on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for any clarification if needed.

Finalist Students

In the address to the nation on Sunday, the 20th September 2020, the President recommended opening contact classes on the 15th October 2020 for all finalist students in universities.

At UTAMU, finalists will continue to study online as has been the case before the recommendation to open contact classes.

However, a finalist student could come to the UTAMU campus if s/he is in need of contact consultations. You are advised to call your lecturer for such contact sessions before you come to the UTAMU campus.

The finalist students being referred to above, in the case of UTAMU, include:

  • All diploma and degree students who are currently in their final year of their studies;
  • All the Foundation students who need to complete studies in one year;
  • All students who are left with only the retakes. Students in this category should contact Finance Department to calculate their tuition fees on pro rata basis;
  • All the students who completed their studies and were left only with writing their final exams, and;
  • All students who are left with defending their dissertations.

Adherence to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) at the UTAMU campus

  • Training: You must attend the initial and other mandatory COVID-19 training on the Infection, Prevention and Control SOPs on their first days of reporting. These trainings will be offered by the UTAMU COVID-19 Task Force Committee.
  • Compliance: You are required to fully comply with all SOPs as stipulated by the Ministry of Health, NCHE and the UTAMU Covid-19 Task Force.
  • For Further Clarification About SOPs: SOPs are managed by a UTAMU COVID-19 Task Force Committee headed by Dr. Tukei. Please consult Dr. Tukei in case of further clarity about SOPs.
  • Avoid Congestion in Public Transport: You are advised to walk or use bicycles where possible.
  • You Must be Identifiable: Everyone should move with his/ her identity cards at all times.
  • Restricted Movement at UTAMU: Students’ movements will be restricted during their time at UTAMU to prevent exposure to COVID-19 infections. Entry for other persons is restricted.
  • No Gatherings: You should adhere to the President's directive on congregational gatherings for fellowship, chapel or mosque prayers.
  • Where to Find SOP Guidelines: The SOP guidelines are available on the University Website, and at the Faculty, School or College as the case may be.
  • Wear a Facemask: You must wear a face mask.
  • You Must be Screened: You must be ready and willing to go through designated points of screening.
  • Sanitize Your Hands Frequently: You must observe hygiene practices such as handwashing regularly. Prior to screening, you will be required to wash hands and/ or use an alcohol-based sanitizer. Use the hand washing unit, with soap or water already mixed with liquid soap found at buildings and enclosures before entering. You are encouraged to have a personal alcohol rub or alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • Over 37.6o C Not Allowed Into UTAMU: Anyone with temperature of 37.6o C and above will be required to stay at the screening point for two more assessments. Such an individual will not be allowed to proceed into UTAMU premises until s/he is cleared by the screening team.
  • No Body Touch: There is no hand shaking or hugging until the Ministry of Health guides otherwise. Exercise physical distancing where possible in the practicum sites.
  • No One Coughing Is Allowed to Enter UTAMU: Anyone coughing having a cold should stay at home/ hostel it resolves and should make an effort to inform the UTAMU management or the UTAMU Covid-19 Task Force.
  • Be an Example: You are expected to be exemplary to other non UTAMU members of society in preventing COVID-19 infection.

Continuing non-finalist students

All continuing non-finalist students will continue with their studies online as usual.

Professor JWF Muwanga-Zake,