United Arab Emirates, December 2021: IEEE TEMS today announced the participation of 6 African countries in Africa IoT & AI Challenge, namelyNigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, under the auspices -of Benya Group -the official sponsor of the Africa IoT and AI Challenge which is the leading group in the field of communications infrastructure and digital transformation in Egypt, the Middle East, and the African continent, and the IEEE Africa Council, The final of edition of the challenge will be held with the participation of 21 teams and they are divided into two main axes: graduation projects for university students and start-ups in the fields of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.
This took a place on the activities of the Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IEEE GCAIoT 2021) in its fifth edition, which will be held under the slogan “Societal Impacts of Digital Disruption” in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 13-16 December, at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, This is done with several organizing ,partners, most notably the University of Dubai, IEEE TEMS, IEEE Region and The Global innovation & Entrepreneurship (GIE), a leader in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship programs and initiatives in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Commenting on this, Andy Chen, President of IEEE TEMS, said: “The Society spares no effort in helping innovators from all over the world to develop their scientific, practical and managerial skills and expertise, in order to develop new solutions and technologies that contribute to the progress and well-being of nations and peoples in line with the basic goal of establishing the IEEE as well as the objectives of Governments and States around the world. explaining that Africa IoT & AI Challenge is one of the most important pilot programs adopted by the Association in the Middle East and Africa. It has met with the acceptance and support of many countries, governments, and regional and international institutions interested in artificial intelligence technology and the Internet of Things and is accelerating digital transformation ".programs.

It is worth mentioning that Africa IoT & AI Challenge involved 20 start-up .graduation project ideas, and 125 from secondary schools from Egypt 80 -A total of 5 teams qualified for the regional finals. From Kenya, 30 start ups participated, of which three teams qualified for the finals. Morocco included 31 start-ups 45 graduation projects, 9 teams from secondary schools, a total of 3 teams qualified under a team in each category. From -Tunisia, 58 start-ups participated and two qualified. In Uganda, 28 start ,ups, 65 teams from graduation projects, and 6 teams qualified. In Nigeria start-up and 20 graduation project teams, and two teams qualified for  the final 10.