Today the 24th September 2021, Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU) held the 6th Graduation ceremony in which 219 graduands were conferred upon degrees. Congratulations!

It was an exceptional double celebration because of the inauguration ceremony of the second chancellor of UTAMU Dr. Patrick Bitature of the Simba Group of Companies.

Dr. Patrick Bitature Joins UTAMU as the Chancellor in the 9th year of UTAMU's existence. 


As the UTAMU family, we have high hopes in his contribution to the education sector by directing, guiding, inspiring and encouraging the governing bodies of UTAMU towards an all inclusive and holistic education involvement of knowledge and skills development. Dr. Patrick Bitature is a highly knowledgeable, principled, focus and determined business mogul who brings to UTAMU a reach blend of practical applications. As we embrace Dr. Patrick Bitature we must be ready to embrace what it takes to grow, sustain and more importantly a spirit of community engagements that aims at improving lives through education. He is a selfless and humble citizen of this nation.

To the graduands, as you journey into the world, do so with confidence, determination, hardwork, commitment and always remember to never stop learning and growing in knowledge. The world today is for the learned and practical citizens.

To the UTAMU family...what you sow is what you reap. Your efforts have been rewarding on this 6th graduation ceremony. Keep up the spirit of hardworking, commitment and unity as we improve the world through education.


Dorothy Wegoye Kimuli

Principal Marketing and Public Relations Officer

Event In Pictures