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About Research

The UTAMU vision, mission and core values demonstrate the importance placed upon research activities within the University. In keeping with excellence in research, UTAMU has a framework of policies for conducting research in the University. The framework and policies are designed to promote ethical research and integrity.

The ongoing research covers the broad fields of the university focus including Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Planning and Management, Human Resource Management and Development, Public Administration, Oil Governance and Management, Financial Management, Public Sector Management, Public Procurement, Public Policy, International Business, Institutional Management and Leadership, Mobile Computing, Computer Networks, Computer Security, Information Systems and Information Technology.

Head of Research

Benon C. Basheka (PhD)

Prof. Benon C. Basheka

Vice Chancellor

Benon C. Basheka (PhD) is a Professor of Public Administration and Management; and the current Vice Chancellor, Uganda Technology And Management University (UTAMU) in Uganda.

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Senior Research and Grants Officer

Martha Kibuka Musoke

Dr. Martha Kibukamusoke

Head of Department, Public Administration & Governance

Dr. Martha serves as the Head of Department, Public Administration & Governance. She is also the Senior Research and the Grants Officer of Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU).

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