UTAMU Promises Excellence in the Education Service Delivery

According to the AD Scientific Index 2022 of scientists and university performance published in the New Vision on the 15th July 2022, UTAMU is ranking the 16th out of the 35 universities in Uganda. This is a tremendous milestones in the continuous efforts and commitment of UTAMU to offer quality education services in technology and management science to the public. It is more than just the ranking because being recognized among universities that have existed for over 30 years, 50 years and 100 years indicates the UTAMU’s progress, achievements and impact to the nation and world over in the education service sector. UTAMU has served in the education sector for 9 years with students from Uganda, the East African Community, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Congo, Ethiopia, Canada and more around the globe.

UTAMU is committed to have a strong team of dedicated lecturers and/or supervisors that are highly skilled and knowledgeable among whom on the list of Uganda’s top 500 scientists by the AD Scientific Index are;  Mary Komunte, Andresile Peter, Faisal Mohammad Adam, Muwanguzi Bernard and Willy Ngaka.

The Alper-Doger Scientific Index, often referred to as the AD Scientific Index is a system that provides the evaluation of journals and universities by country, continent and the world. It is a ranking and analysis system based on the scientific performance and the added value of the scientific productivity of individual scientists.